Spring and Fall Cleanup

Spring and Fall cleanups take the work out of every home owners least favorite seasonal activity.

Spring Cleanup Features:

  • After the winter, often, there are many trees and shrubs damaged from the winter and it’s in the spring time that we remove all the fallen limbs and sticks left on the lawn.
  • Even if you had a clean up in the fall, there are always new leaves and pine needles on the lawn and in all the mulch beds.
  • Leaves will be removed using one of our vacuums and blowers.

Fall Cleanup Features:

  • After the majority of the leaves have fallen from the trees, we will remove all leaves, pine cones and other debris from the lawn and mulch beds.
  • All the leaves will be taken away and we will dispose of them or we can add them to a compost pile on the property.

contact info

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