Landscape Maintenance


Landscape installations are available all season long, on both commercial and residential properties.

Installation Services

Edging and Remulching:

  • We will re-edge and weed existing mulched areas. All of the edges will be new, fresh, and clean.
  • All the grass areas, at asphalt, curbing and walkways, will be power trimmed back to retain a manicured look.
  • All mulched areas will be replenished with 1-2 inches of fresh mulch color choices include black, brown, cedar, and red.

Pruning of Shrubs:
Shrubs, including but not limited to Yews, Burning bushes, Junipers and Rhododendrons, will be pruned once during the season. All shrubs that have been previously sheared will be carefully sheared. Other shrubs will be hand pruned as needed or directed by client. This service is over and above pruning obvious normal winter damage from shrubs in the spring. Collected debris will be removed from site.

contact info

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